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Episode 20 | 13 March 2022

In this first collaboration episode, community manager Meagan Marie and myself chat with four members of Core Design behind The Angel of Darkness.

Episode 19 | 13 March 2022

In this cosplay community episode I brought together the stories of eight Lara Croft fans from around the world, to talk about their experiences embodying the Tomb Raider. Naturally this may seem like a very visual episode, and I highly recommend seeing the video below.

Episode 9 | 10 January 2021

The first 10 days of 2021 have brought with it an unbelievable amount of progress for Core Design’s lost gem. Here are some parts I want to highlight, with some investigation onto the code, some chat about where fans are taking this game, and why it’s important.

Episode 8 | 5 January 2021

In this episode I compare all the different versions of Tomb Raider 1.

Episode 7 | 14 October 2020

Rumors have been flying around about an alleged “Ultimate Experience” for some time, so I decided to dig into all that legal jargon and try to make sense of all those trademark timestamps in an attempt to explain what *might* be happening behind the scenes.

Episode 5 | 19 September 2020

It took me far too long to finally make one of these videos! Here are my Top 10 (ancient!) Tomb Raider levels.

Episode 4 | 30 August 2020

Well, this is just downright silly. So many plot holes. What the hell, TR2? Join the Fiamma Nera cult and sell your soul to the dragon! Or, y’know, just grab a T-shirt.

Episode 3 | 22 August 2020

A deep-dive into the history of Core Design’s Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition. This video was made shortly before fans managed to experience the game first-hand.

Episode 2 | 2 July 2020

This time, we follow Lara to Paris and Prague. Can she evade the police? Can she stop shouting at people for five goddamn minutes? Can she focus on raiding tombs instead of working at a nightclub?...

Episode 7 | 8 May 2020

How does Tomb Raider’s depiction of demons and demonology compare to our real-world myths and spirituality? Tomb Raider and the supernatural have always gone hand in hand. What can be seen as advanced technology can sometimes be unquestionably magic, and sometimes Lara’s world is downright horrifying.

Episode 4 | 27 March 2020

In this episode I chat to folklorist and ‘monster hunter’ Sacha Coward about a selection of creatures and critters from the Tomb Raider series, and the real-world myths that surround them.

Episode 2 | 28 February 2020

In the second episode of the Raidercast podcast series I chat on the phone to Lara's first voice actress, Shelley Blond, and we talk about globetrotting, and the Tomb Raider community. Her words about Lara's relevance are so passionate and unifying.

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