Lara's Inferno & Demonology

Episode 7 | BY Chris Carpineti | 8 May 2020

How does Tomb Raider’s depiction of demons and demonology compare to our real-world myths and spirituality? Tomb Raider and the supernatural have always gone hand in hand. What can be seen as advanced technology can sometimes be unquestionably magic, and sometimes Lara’s world is downright horrifying.

I had so much fun researching this episode! It strayed into some pretty dark territory. I don’t expect it’ll actually give anyone nightmares, but some parts really did give me chills. Just don’t listen in the dark, and don’t go wandering off into any lakes if you think you can hear a baby crying, ok?

All source material referenced in this episode can be found in your local bookstore or online bookstore of choice.