A Brief Introduction

BY Chris Carpineti | 13 March 2022

Raidercast began in fall 2019 as a place for me to ramble on about my love for Tomb Raider in a long-form setting. I hadn’t planned for it to be anything other than an audio-only series which I could contribute to as and when something came to mind.

While developing the episodes, more ideas began to snowball into the podcast as it is today: not only a place for me, one of Lara’s many millions of

Along the way, Raidercast has hosted many wonderful people from artists, writers, historians, and more. Members of the community have generously

The podcast has covered a variety of topics, from ancient myths and legends and how they’re translated ingame, to artefacts, treasures, monsters and

With an ongoing partnership with the official Tomb Raider channel, Raidercast is flourishing. I believe Tomb Raider’s future is ripe for discussion, and I’m extremely excited about the future of Raidercast to grow alongside it.

Stay safe, keep Raiding.